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Space Clearing and Blessing 

I make homes happier!

In the physical world, we are surrounded by energies of all sorts all the time. When these energies are positive they significantly benefit and enhance our lives

If these energies are negative, however, they can lower your vibration, create uncomfortable and irritable feelings, inhibit your spiritual growth, cause discord among those living or working in the environment, and in extreme cases, can cause illness or other physical harm. 

The more you heal yourself, the more important it becomes to heal your personal environment as well, and ensure that it is of a high and clear vibration.

With the help of higher guidance, I use my unique energetic and intuitive gifts to provide a thorough energy clearing that has a profoundly healing effect on you, your family, pets, and anyone who lives in, works in, or visits your space.

Space Clearing and Blessing may be facilitated by distance if an in-person Space Clearing is not possible. Your space receives the same level of clearing and positive energy as it would with an in-person Space Clearing.

How do you know if you need a Clearing or Blessing?

Answer any of these questions NO and you could be affected by low, draining energy.

  • Do you feel at peace where you live?
  • Is your home a sanctuary?
  • Do you feel comfortable with the space around you ?
  • Do you feel energized and nourished by the space around you?

After a clearing session my clients report:

  • A much lighter, harmonious feeling in their homes or businesses
  • Improvements in the relationships between them and others in their property
  • An increase in prosperity
  • A feeling of being more relaxed
  • Reduced stress

You will be taught protection techniques and will learn how to maintain the integrity of the energy in your house. You will also receive guidance on how to protect yourself and home from detrimental or negative neighbors or visitors.

To schedule your house clearing and blessing,

Call or email us with the size of your house, number of rooms, the amount of levels in your house or business, as well as the address. We will give you a quote related to the service, time, and materials required. 

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